miércoles, agosto 29, 2007

bpmf 13 . Controlled Insanity. into the pit EP

bpmf 13 . Controlled Insanity. into the pit EP

01 - beyond the looking glass 03:27
02 - inner mental cage 03:28
03 - daqaah 03:04

time: 09:59

Controlled Insanity is one-man project focused on the expression of
of various psychopathologic conditions linked to various objects of
and non-ordinary life without any strong connections with any genre of
music. All recordings of CI are some kind of sensoric diary, an expression of psychological strobe that controls one's pathologies.
No outer ideology - just physiology in different forms.

all sounds, art and words by Seclorum
origin : Russia
Experimental Electronics

bpmf13 . Controlled Insanity

bpmf 12 . Serpentarivm. mviratnepres

bpmf 12 . Serpentarivm. mviratnepres

1. Intro (1:27)
2. Forest Silence (6:42)
3. The Lizard Tongue (5:17)
4. Forest Silence [Noise Version] (6:35)
5. Outro (0:46)

time: 20:47

mp3 @ 320 kbps
47,9 Mb
origin : Russia
all by alex
released : 08-2007

Instrumental doom metal

bpmf 12 . Serpentarivm

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miércoles, agosto 22, 2007

Vampire Club Cba18-ago-07
fotos del sabado 18 -08 en el Vampire Club Cba

miércoles, agosto 15, 2007

bpmf 11 . Bjarkan . illusion is the one reality, substance is the great impostor (2007)

bpmf 11 . Bjarkan . illusion is the one reality, substance is the great impostor (2007)

"illusion is the one reality, substance is the great impostor"

01 - beyond boundaries

02 - hexerei

03 - the ancient ones

04 - into the ultimate abyss

total : 15:21
original recorded :2005
35,5 Mb
BPM Front Netlabel
#bpmf 11
"The project was born at the ashes of Asgardian. Recorded in 2005 by single
person. Inspired by nocturnal visions of devastated transcedental vastlands.
It is the first and last release under this moniker."

#bpmf 11 . Bjarkan

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domingo, agosto 12, 2007

Evento @ Vampire Club Cordoba

sabado 18 de agosto junto Lemora en el VC cba, ahi los esperamos.
next saturday , at Vampire Club, cba. city., argentina, i 'll be with Lemora shacking the tombs

miércoles, agosto 08, 2007

bpmf 10 - Teorika - esencia lucida (2007)

bpmf 10 - Teorika - esencia lucida (2007)

Luego del adelanto en su "ser e.p" anterior ahora tenemos el disco completo de Teorika, musica electronica de corte experimental con sonidos y ruidos finamente entrelazados que fluyen entre tracks ritmicos, y paisajes abstractos.
Este es el disco en version completa para BPM FronT Netlabel.

After the 'ser e.p.' , now we have the full album of experimental ambient electronic music by Teorika, with s emotional sensations through all the album and new tracks with rhythmic structures.Now we can enjoy the full world of Teorika in this great 7 tracks.
This is the final version for BPM FronT Netlabel.

Teorika - 01 - Cold as April
Teorika - 02 - Teoria del Ser
Teorika - 03 - El suelo entre tus manos
Teorika - 04 - Invocacion del Ser
Teorika - 05 - Ceremonia final
Teorika - 06 - The dance of supersticion
Teorika - 07 - Desencanto

aqui / here : bpmf10 Teorika . esencia lucida

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jueves, agosto 02, 2007

bpmf 09 . Teorika - [ser e.p.]

bpmf 09 . Teorika - [ser e.p.]

nuevo lanzamiento de BPM FronT!
tenemos un nuevo artista en el sello, se trata de Teorika, con musica electronica experimental.
éste es su debut, se trata de 'Ser E.P.', 4 tracks muy interesantes, adelantos de su proximo debut.

pronto mas y mas novedades!

experimental ambient electronic music by Teorika, a new member of BPM FronT, experimental music with some words paisages between abstract and intense noises giving emotional sensations through all the album.
This is his first release on BPM FronT Netlabel.

Como siempre , pueden revisarlo y descargarlo aqui: bpmf09TeorikaSerEP bpmf 09 Teorika - Ser E.P.