viernes, mayo 14, 2010

VA - Ritus Terrae Prolis ( 2010)


Coph`Antae Tryr: Taemykon
Kammarheit: Dreamhours
Phragments: Chant Of The Forsaken
Terra Sancta: Cold Light Infusion
New Risen Throne: Signs Of The Approaching Wastefulness III
Crepuscular: Endovenous Bitterness
Phelios: Astral Vision (Celestial Temple Remix)
Visions: Vortexed
Akoustik Timbre Frekuency: Orkestrated Movements
Barbarossa Umtrunk: Kampfbund Rotelweih 1918
Konau: Contemplation
Hyios: Augur
Osman Arabi: Aghartha (Cover)
Aurea Hora: Lucifer
Ahasverus: Ashes
Project N.A: In The Shadows...
Klver: Cortex
Dead.Circuit: The Reanimation Constellation - Whispers From Beyond
S.E.T.I: Antimatter
Avgrunnskodde: Dimensions Of Dying Forms
LIM: Kiteba Cilwe - Book 1 (Feat. Scythrawl)
Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester: Asphalt Flowers
Atheus: Infinitus
Seeker: Realms Of Dagon
Arkane: Mesmeric Seduction
20SV: Disfigured Children - Radioactive Generation
Lucas Darklord: Corpse Upon Corpse They Lie
Tracks : 27
Size : 371 Mb
Time Lenght : 216 minutes
Available here:

Ritus Terra Prolis is a testament to the origin and a foreboding of the exit, the soundscapes of the tellurian vortex sweeping across the lands. Both chapters have been bestowed a cause and a representation, with the first chapter 'Existence' representing the planet in a form of Utopia and beginning it is audially juxtaposed within smooth, fluidic emanations. Whereas on the other hand, there is the second chapter 'Extinction', representing Utopia inverted, represented audially with a noise-induced pallid expressionism.

Returning acts include Phragments, Phelios, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Aurea Hora, Project N.A, Dead.Circuit, and LIM. Most of the participations this time are their official first.

sábado, mayo 01, 2010

CrepusculaR - Sideral Entropy

Artist: CrepusculaR
Title: Sideral Entropy
Label: Essentia Mundi
Release date: 01.May.2010
Cat. number: EM016
Format: CDr jewel case, 100 copies

Sideral Entropy
parts :
I - Towards the Irreversible
II - Sideral
III - Entropy
Total run: ~ 35 min.

A one-piece track of dark drone space ambient with an inner low speed dynamism rising to 35 minutes of hyperspace vastness and isolation

Info + Preview

CrepusculaR - Sideral Entropy